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Les Moonves at CBS Television
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Robbery Homicide Division is the freshest new show on television this season. It is also one of the few shows that CBS is canning. The groundbreaking drama has the terrific writing, acting, and directing that will bring viewers to the network -- if given a chance.

Tell CBS that focus groups and Nielsens don't tell the whole story. Robbery Homicide Division is a show that deserves a chance.

Les Moonves and CBS,

Robbery Homicide Division is a groundbreaking television series that hasn't been given a fair chance. No other show on television has the style, substance, and attitude that Robbery Homicide carries, and no other show is expanding the boundaries of television drama. Robbery Homicide Division developed a strong core audience on Fridays that expended when it moved to Saturdays. Given a better chance to see great acting, writing, and directing, more viewers tuned in. More will come if given the chance. Please give the producers the chance to build on something that is already great. Better yet, give viewers the chance to enjoy the only consistently entertaining and thought-provoking police drama on television. Give Robbery Homicide a fair chance, then let the ratings decide.

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