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Village of Baldwinsville Mayor and Board of Trustees
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Paper Mill Island, in its prime, was one of the best assets of the Village of Baldwinsville -- the venue was packed on most Friday and Saturday nights. In recent years, the village government has imposed unrealistic sound ordinances and fined promoters, to the point where promoters avoid the Island and resort to other local venues. Paper Mill Island is a wonderfully scenic and amazing music venue that needs to be utilized to its fullest potential.

Recently, Syracuse.com published a story about the lack of shows:


As detailed in that article, the sound limitation is set at 90-95 dB (a lawnmower typically produces 100-110 dB). In addition, the mayor was quoted as saying "Our board has not heard people clamoring for entertainment . . . [r]esidents don't feel like they're missing out."

The SAVE PAPERMILL ISLAND Campaign, and this petition, have been started to show the mayor that, in fact, we are fed up with the lack of use of the Island. We DO feel that we are missing out! Just because we don't show up at Village Hall to complain doesn't mean we're not dissatisfied. Please sign onto this petition to support the rebirth of Paper Mill Island back into what it once was - a great place for music at the center of our community.


We, the undersigned supporters of the SAVE PAPERMILL ISLAND Campaign, call on the Mayor and Board of Trustees of the Village of Baldwinsville to implement the following steps to help ensure that Paper Mill Island is used to its fullest potential.

1) Lift the existing sound restrictions for weekend shows and replace them with restrictions at 110dB (with peaks of 115dB), limiting weekend shows to end at 10PM.
2) Hire a weekend promoter to book and promote local, cover, and on a less regular basis, regional or national acts. The goal for such promoter should be 5 or more weekend shows per month, with 1 or more show per month being a regional or national act.

By implementing the above procedures, we feel that we can SAVE PAPERMILL ISLAND and once again truly utilize this great asset that the Village of Baldwinsville has to offer.

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