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Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) are making cuts to out of school services for disabled children in Lincolnshire. The social clubs for disabled children in Lincolnshire which are currently run by Action for Children ie. after-school clubs, holiday clubs, youth clubs, community groups and buddying will end in September.

The Lincolnshire County Council are looking at funding an alternative service for one year only and then after this there will be no more funding. Parents already pay a subsidised fee to attend these clubs but it is unlikely that any club would be sustainable without financial support from the council.

These cuts affect some of the most vulnerable members of our community - many of the children affected have severe mental and physical disabilities. The services currently provide independence for the children and social time with their friends in a safe and accessible environment with professionally trained staff as well as a much needed respite for carers and parents so that they can work, care for and support their children.

If these services stop it will have a devastating effect on the children and their families who will have to find alternative provision in a private sector which will neither be practical, affordable or give our children the interaction they so want with their own friends.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders in Lincolnshire County Council to reconsider the cuts made to Short Breaks for Disabled Children's Services.

Save Our Social Clubs for Disabled Children in Lincolnshire.

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