Haven't you heard of 'rainforests'? They are literally 'rain'forests. The Amazon river is only the largest river on the face of this planet because the rain floods the Amazon river daily. These spectacular forests are facing countless dangers because of global warming.

Every passing second, the size of 3 football stadiums of trees are cleared in the rainforests for housing the rising population, firewood, furniture, art projects, paper, cut down for farming, or just stored to decompose.

These extraordinary trees are only found along the Equator, but if they are constantly being sawed apart at this rate, they will disappear before we come to our senses. Rainforests are home to over half of the world's species. Do you know why? Rainforests contain many natural resources, especially water, and since the trees grow so tall and rivers snake across the forests, you must be able fly, glide, swim, climb, slither, or just plain walk to live here. Well, that's a lot of options.

Well, if you sign this petition, I will send this to the Brazil government and the US government so they can stop cutting down the unique rainforests we have today. Imagine a world without them. Do you want your future children to live in a world without rainforests? Act now for a better future.

We the Homo sapiens of our mother planet Earth are concerned about the future of our precious rainforests that are under threat because of us and our chainsaws. As we volunteer to make a difference, we are caring about our future children AND the animals rainforests shelter.

We shall hereby command the US and Brazil government to limit their carbon footprints by not continuing to clear the largest animal habitat that still has its record. We are continuing to step forward with each act of kindness to our kind Mother Nature.

We must pay back our debt before it is too late. Sign this petition for the sake of our rainforests, and for a better future.

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