#Neighborhood Living
United Kingdom

Ticehurst is a small village in East Sussex just 10 miles from Tunbridge Wells, however...

As a village they rely on amenities such as shops and good transport but in addition to this their local park, Ticehurst Recreation Ground...

Some complaints have been made about the park, for example that there is too much noise from the park. But what is to be expected? It's a park, it's where the local children play.

Closing this park would be a blow for the village! Surely we want the children in the safe environment of the park where they can pursue sports and games rather than being forced to the streets.

Join this cause to help save our park! At present there are over 300 signatures on a petition to save it, with the help of facebook it could grow to much more so please join and help keep the ONLY park in the community open!

I would like to petition against the closure of Ticehurst Recreational Ground.

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