Gulfport City Council, Harrison County Board of Supervisors
United States of America

Gulfport Library, located on the Beachfront in downtown Gulfport, has been slated for demolition. This magnificent building survived both Hurricanes Camille and Katrina and is an important piece of our culture, heritage, and history here on the Gulf Coast.

Despite the beating it took during Katrina, it still stands proudly and defiantly on the beachfront waiting for us to restore it to its former glory. Against all odds, this building survived the worst natural disaster in American history only to be attacked by some of our own city council members and supervisors. Futhermore, the designs and drawings created by Andres Duany, a planner hired by the City of Gulfport after the storm, show a high-rise hotel on the beachfront property where the library is currently located.

Let's reach out a helping hand to this grand monument; its restoration can serve as a testament to our community and show that although we've taken a beating, we're still here and we're coming back strong and proud. Please sign the petition below to let your elected officials know that you want them to save and rebuild this important marker of our heritage and our history.

We the People, the undersigned citizens of Harrison County, do petition the Harrison County Board of Supervisors, The Gulfport City Council, and the Harrison County Library Board to restore the existing Harrison County Library in Downtown Gulfport, an important symbol of our local history and heritage, as a library and community center for the enrichment and enjoyment of all citizens and guests.

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