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Parmac Group have applied to the sunshine coast council to allow them to build a 7 Eleven on our current place of business. If this is approved we have two options one to move to another area or two close the doors. We have 9 employees who would be out of work if the second option is decided on which saddens us as our current staff have been with us for over 5 yrs. The Woombye and surrounding community would also lose their only Landscape yard. Woombye currently has an independent service station and there is another larger Service station just up the road, neither of these businesses are very happy about this application either. By allowing this large corporation to build on this site will have a run on effect to all the other small businesses in Woombye as well all the way from the newsagent, cafe's and local supermarket. Parmac Group think this will be good for the community but as this 7 Eleven is being built on a main highway where you can buy anything from fuel to a loaf of bread there would be no reason for people to stop at any of the smaller businesses in the town centre of Woombye. We have currently been in business on this site for over 11 years and have built up a very strong and well renowned business and have a database of over 10,000 customers which includes a huge trade base of accounts. All of these people would be affected by the lose of our yard and if we are forced to move to another area this would have a dramatic effect on our day to day trade. I would urge the Sunshine Coast Council to seriously consider not allowing this to go through as ourselves and other small businesses in the surrounding area are what makes the community and without us there would be a lot of out of work people. It makes no sense to anyone why another servo is needed. www.facebook.com/maroochysandandgravelsunshinecoast www.maroochysandandgravel.com.au

We would like you to help us to stop Parmac Group building a 7 Eleven on our current place of business. In allowing this to go ahead Woombye and the surrounding community would be without their local landscape yard which has been in operation for over 11 years.
Please help us stop these big corporations from taking over and killing small business.
Application number MCU17/2097

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