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Prime Minister Tony Abbott

More than half of Australia is in drought and our farmers are really doing it tough but the Federal, State and Territory governments are not doing anything to help our farmers.

Our Federal Government had a report done by HLG. This group recommends that ‘a natural disaster’ be defined as follows:
A natural disaster is a serious disruption to a community or region caused by the impact of a naturally occurring rapid onset event that threatens or causes death, injury or damage to property or the environment and which requires significant and coordinated multi-agency and community response. Such serious disruption can be caused by any one, or a combination, of the following natural hazards: bushfire; earthquake; flood; storm; cyclone; storm surge; landslide; tsunami; meteorite strike; or tornadoes.

Yet for some reason drought is not considered to be a natural disaster.

Please sign this petition to help out farmers who are in drought stricken areas and to prevent banks from foreclosing on these properties when the rain does come and the land becomes valuable again.

We the undersigned petition you to help those farmers in drought stricken areas by amending the wording of what is considered a natural disaster to include drought; assisting farmers with money, feed for their stock, counselling services and preventing the banks from foreclosing on their properties when the rains do come and their land is worth something again.

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