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I am the mother of a 2 year old little boy named Teddy who was born prematurely and has some basic developmental delays. He is currently receiving speech, occupational and developmental therapies through the Early Childhood Intervention program in the state of Illinois.

He has show significant improvement in the 6 months he has been receiving these therapies. I believe that with more therapy he will continue to make progress.

Due to state budget concerns some of the agencies that provide services for Teddy and thousands of children like him will have to stop providing therapies. These agencies are not receiving enough money from the state and therefore not able to pay many of their therapists causing them to lay off valuable employees.

We want to make state lawmakers aware of this situation and urge them to increase the budget for Early Childhood Intervention programs.

We, the undersigned, call on the lawmakers of the state of Illinois to increase the budget for Early Childhood Intervention.

We urge the lawmakers to take a serious look at the situation that is adversly affecting thousands of families of children with special needs.

We ask for your support in this very serious matter.

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