President Bush of the United States of America

For many years reptiles have been kept as the ideal pet. They are hardy in captivity, get few diseases and calm right down in captivity. For 20 or more years people have kept there beloved pets. Within the last 4-5 years reptile keeping has rocketed to the top and as more and more people go to buy these amazing creatures irresponsibility has set in and the hsus has siezed the chance trying to ban our beloved pets which we have kept over these years so peacefully.

The answer is not banning these wonderful creatures. With education and conservation we can enjoy these animals in our homes and in the wild. We should promote better keeping practises for these animals and there are many programs for keeping the populations intact in the wild. Salmonella is very low in reptiles. With clean, safe housing reptiles and humans will be safe from such diseases.

So please do not ruin the chance for our future generations to keep these creatures. Lets work togther to make a more educated world not one without reptiles.

We believe that with the proper education we can reduce the risks to the reptiles and humans who keep these wonderful animals. In many cases of salmonella poisoning most cases could have been avoided with cleaner conditions to the reptile. Please help us spread education re these animals rather than watch them be banned!

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