#City & Town Planning
City of Lake Geneva
United States of America

We have remodeled and upgraded our building in Lake Geneva, WI. We have chosen a Jockey/Scarlett color for our awnings,lights and front door. The City is telling us they do not permit "Primary" colors.

At the counsel meeting it was voted that the color we have chosen can not be used because it is "Red". When driving around the business district of Lake Geneva and one can see all the Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black that are all mentioned in the ordinance as colors that can not be used, one wonders why we have been selected to have the sanction imposed.

So we are asking to be able to keep the color chosen, as they enhance the look of the building and the City.

We the undersigned, ask the City of Lake Geneva to allow Brick & Mortar Home the ability to keep the color that has been chosen by them for the awnings, lights and doors.

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