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Prime Minister of India

The conditions of National Highway 39 (now National Highway 2) connecting Manipur and Nagaland; and National Highway 53 ( now National Highway 37 ) connecting Manipur and Assam are getting worse day by day. These two National Highways have been damaged beyond normal service due to the lack of maintenance by the Manipur and central governments.

These two highways are the only lifeline of the 2,855,794 people of Manipur. These two highways are also the only ways to reach Manipur in the hilly regions of north eastern India from the remaining part of the country. More than 2 millions of lives suffer to access the basic needs whenever these highways are blocked. Help us to revive these two lifelines of the Manipuris. Give us a new lease of life and connect us to you.

We, the undersigned, call on the Honorable Prime Minister of India to take immediate and necessary action to improve the national highways of Manipur.

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