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Grand Forks city council is talking about demolishing town's historic water tower. The water tower, named Mr. Smiley, has been greeting visitors and putting smiles on people's faces since the 1970s.

City council believes that stripping it of its current paint, and repainting would cost more than tearing it down, therefore demolishing it would be the best option.

This may be more cost effective, but thinking about what the citizens of Grand Forks want, not the best choice. Here I have proof, that Grand Forks citizens would like to see Mr. Smiley stay.

We are asking for a chance to raise money and help Mr. Smiley keep his job welcoming people to our fine town. Mr. Smiley successfully depicts the attitude of Grand Forks and helps us make it the welcoming community it is.

We, the undersigned, call on the Grand Forks City Council to take into consideration the citizens and visitors of Grand Forks, and their request to let Mr. Smiley smile.

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