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Please help mother Z and daughter K, who arrived in the UK in 2007 on K's stepfather's visa. At the time daughter K was a child, only 15 years old, and from the time they arrived, her stepfather subjected her to severe psychological as well as physical abuse. He drank and gambled excessively and even at one point tried to SELL his daughter, prepared to have her raped for money! Some of the abuse this poor mother and daughter suffered is too graphic to explain here and we need to keep their names anonymous as it is too dangerous to them to reveal them.

The stepfather eventually left the country in September 2010 after being thrown out of University. Unfortunately this has left K and Z in the vulnerable position of having to apply for refugee status, and K's stepfather has told both her and her mother that he will ensure they are murdered should they be forced to return home.

Not surprisingly, K in particular is extremely traumatised because of her experiences, and the UKBA is threatening to force both mother and daughter to be deported on 1ST DECEMBER 2010. This is totally unacceptable, as they should both be give safe haven in the UK as they fully meet the criteria for being refugees:

1. They have been abused and persecuted by someone who is now in the country they are being threatened to be deported to and there is evidence and proof of this, for example police records and witnesses.

2. This person has theatened to kill both of them as an 'honour killing' (because they are telling the truth about his vile abusive behaviour) and they can NOT return to their home country as they will not be safe there.

This country is not Iran, it is Mongolia, but we ask you from the bottom of our hearts to sign this petition. We need to show the UK and its Border Agency that this young girl and her mother can NOT be forced to return to a country where their abuser will be able to find and murder them. In addition, both these victims should be able to live safely in a country which claims to uphold human rights, and receive the counselling they so badly need after being subject to such severe abuse.

Please help - this case is urgent because of the time scale involved - and circulate as widely as you can.

Thank you.

Dr Gill Gillespie
Walton K Martin III
Directors of Iranian Refugees Action Network
Iran Information Project

We, the undersigned, call on the United Kingdom Border Agency to allow K and Z to achieve immediate refugee status in the UK, in the knowledge that they have been subject to persecution and cannot be forced to return to a country where they have been threatened with murder.

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