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Mink Lake Rangers work in Quetico Provincial Park to provide rehabilitation and maintenance of interior wilderness canoe routes, campsites, shorelines, rock faces, lake clean-up and provide GPS mapping and digital photos of remote campsite locations. This type of work requires multi-day, and sometimes fly-in, canoe trips. Rangers also work with park visitor services on Natural Heritage Education projects.

Outside of the park, Mink Lake Rangers work on a number of projects with the ministry and local community partners such as, painting out-buildings or adopt-a-highway clean-up.

The Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Ranger Program has come to the decision that there needs to be a more equal number of male camps to female camps. A few weeks back the camp coordinators got together for a meeting regarding the decision of what camp should be changed to a male camp. Robin Reilly, the coordinator of Mink Lake neglected to show up; therefore all the coordinators present decided that because there was no representative, Mink Lake would be targeted for the change. After the meeting, Ashley Boland the head of Ontario Rangers presented the idea to Mr. Reilly who agreed with the decision.

Mink Lake was the first female Ranger camp in Ontario and has inspired so many young women for many decades teaching them skills such as independence, responsibility and most importantly team work which are all important in the working field. Rangers and staff alike who have attended/worked at Mink Lake in the past are coming together to campaign for the decision of Mink Lake, turning into a male camp, to be reconsidered.

We, the undersigned, call on the Ministry of Natural Resources to reconsider their decision to turn Mink Lake Rangers Camp into a young men's camp only. We ask that the camp for young women be reinstated immediately and that young women continue to have equal access to this important opportunity.

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