West Coast Eagles

July 18, 2006

The Eagles treatment of Michael Gardiner is harsh, uncaring and unforgiving.

It is also downright hypocritical!

Regardless of having the best midfield in the competition, it is a simple fact that no football club has ever gone all the way without key position forwards producing the goals.

The Eagles won two premierships with Suma up front, and the only other time they looked dangerous was when Scott Cummins won the Coleman.

Despite this, the Eagles had failed to recruit the forwards needed.

They went into the Grand Final with no recognised forwards! Gardiner was thrust into the role, under the most pressure imaginable, and when he failed to produce was made the scapegoat for their loss.

Is it any wonder that he suffers from Depression.

Both Ben Cousins and Michael Gardiner failed to fully answer questions regarding their alleged involvement with alleged criminals.

Several Eagles have committed off-field "indiscretions," including Ben Cousins and Ashley Sampi. Why is Michael Gardiner the only one to have his career ended.

When confronted with a booze bus, Ben Cousins ran away. At least Gardiner stayed around for the cops, and has promised to make restitution.

Michael is apparently suffering from depression, an insidious illness not fully understood.

The Eagles response: "we're going to support Michael…by destroying his career.."

I am asking all WA football fans to sign this petition.

I am also urging all Eagles Member to "GO GREEN" for Michael at the round 17 game with Adelaide. Please take, wear and wave everything GREEN that you have. You can still scream for the team, but the GREEN will also show your support for Michael.

Thanks for your support.

Big Aus

That We, the football public of Western Australian, denounce the hypocritical treatment of Michael Gardiner, and call upon the West Coast Eagles to truly SUPPORT Michael through his depression, by enabling him to play out his career with the West Coast Eagles.

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