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The Manor Place Terrace of shops and homes was built between 1875 and 1896. They are some of last remaining Victorian buildings that were constructed on the site of historic Royal Surrey Gardens and are the last examples of Victorian retail within West Walworth.

They offer a strong link to the history of West Walworth and are a fine example of purpose built shops and homes from the late-Victorian era. They offer a real sense of how the streetscape would have been in the past. They are in perfect keeping with the local area being built with interesting detail and to a human scale.

West Walworth will change enormously in the next 20 years with a large number of development sites locally which will net Southwark Council tens of millions of pounds.

We ask that as guardians of our local heritage and its assets, Southwark Council places a value on the terrace and its façade and says no to development which demolishes this historic terrace.

We the undersigned call upon Southwark Council to say no to demolishing the historic Victorian facade in its development plans for the Manor Place Terrace site in West Walworth.

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The Save Manor Place Terrace petition to Southwark Council was written by Jeremy Leach and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.