#National Affairs
Concerned Maltese in Malta and abroad

For the past five years, Malta has been faced with an onslaught of illegal immigrants from the African continent. Malta is one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, a situation which is already problematic to the Maltese. Apart from land, the island lacks also any natural resources. Suffice to say that it has to obtain water from the sea, at a high energy cost.

Furthermore, this never ending high influx of immigrants will inevitable destabilise the island, as from international experience and events, we believe that most unrest in the world is caused by conflicts between different cultures, ethnicities and religions, within the same country.

We cherish our social harmony, so necessary for the tourism industry, our lifeline. Malta is too small to absorb this. The Maltese people have the right to their identity and living space, and to defend against being overwhelmed.

To Prime Minister Gonzi, United Nation Ambassador S. Borg and current EU President.

Malta signed Refugee conventions and treaties in good faith and to help. However the present situation is that these are now being abused, as illegal immigrants overwhelmed the system of asylum.

We believe that the international community should help Malta by timely and effectively sharing the burden and accepting the majority of refugees landing on the island, which Malta cannot cope with. This is outlined in the said conventions.

Failing this, we believe that Malta should opt out of the treaties, repatriate all illegal immigrants back, and stop illegal immigrants from coming to Malta.

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