J. K. Rowling
United Kingdom

J. K. Rowling has created Draco Malfoy - a character with many fans worldwide but it seems she is negatively biased herself towards him. She constantly humiliates him and tries to kill the sympathy of the audience for him, Regardless of her attempts to make him an evil character, there are thousands of people who love him and most importantly desire with all their hearts his relationship with Hermione. Unfortunately they don't end up together in the books nor the movies.

We, the people in love with Draco Malfoy, who ship with all of our hearts Dramione, request justice for this perfect couple. He is an intelligent, deeply sensitive character with family issues, to which he demonstrates undoubtable loyalty and desire to prove himself good enough. With a view to this, Draco deserves a strong and smart girl, equal to him, such as Hermione. They shared lots of intense moments, sparkles flew between their characters full of opposites and they obviously need each other to balance their weaknesses.

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