GOA and Mythic

In a week or so, transfers will be enabled and encouraged from Makaisson to Burlok, Europe's only other Core RP server.

Many of us, the people of Makaisson, like our server fine. Our only issue was lack of scenarios, which could have been dealt with by fixing the parameters by which scenarios are launched, and a growing population.

Servers have to exist in pairs, because you cannot (and rightly so) have characters in both factions on a single server. That being the case, it is the height of foolishness to sacrifice one to save the other. BOTH must remain viable. Other server rulesets will be left 2 or more viable servers, but if the current plans go ahead, there will be only one viable Core RP server.

We hoped that over time our population would build up, especially once we got the the holiday season. We've seen an influx of new folks recently, but with the news of transfers, we are doomed to dwindle away to nothing. New players will not come to Makaisson if they see everyone being encouraged to transfer away.

GOA could have helped our server by running some of those RP events that they'd promised us. They could have helped us by launching the servers simultaneously, instead of three days apart. They could have enough respect for their players to consult us before pulling the plug.

If people are allowed to transfer off Makaisson to Burlok, Makaisson will become completely beyond hope of fixing. So what will be the point of Makaisson even existing?

Save Our Server! Please, GOA, do not kill our community. Give us a chance to grow.

Stop the plan to allow transfer of characters from Makaisson to Burlok.

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