Congrees Woman Kathy Castor
United States of America

For many (TOO MANY) years now, Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey would have been dead, if he had not fought with all his strength to stay alive. He ran out of strength, and his government continues to deny him help. He cannot cope if his health gets ANY worse. If he does not get help BEFORE it gets ANY worse, nothing that can be done will matter. He suffers from THE REAL VERSION of those "anxiety attacks" that cop-out nobodies like to lie about. AND BECAUSE SO MANY LIED PREVIOUSLY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A SYSTEM THERE WAS TO SAVE LIVES he is denied help. That and his AGE. He has been told MORE than twice in denial letters, that the government officials with authority to save his life "Feel at his age, with his problems you could work enough hours to support yourself."

Their opinion does not change reality and now, in reality, Luke lives EVERY DAY with breath just low enough to suffocate on GOOD days, and lives in suffering fear of anxiety attacks that could take the last of his very limited precious oxygen, because they keep denying him.

Luke was afraid to make this petition. To stop talking in the third person finally, I only didn't want to make this petition because I was afraid that ASKING for help, instead of someone else asking FOR me, would make me look like another person taking advantage of the system, and if that happened, I would AGAIN be denied, and still die. I was hoping one day, someone would make this petition FOR me, because I lived in constant fear that doing it myself would have the world ignore it, the same way I'm ignored now.

But my illnesses are not fake. My terror is not fake. And I am so afraid of dieing, I finally went against my fears, just because this is the last chance I may have. I'm too scared not to try. That fear is my honesty. I don't want to die. Signing THIS petition ONLY MEANS you are PUBLICLY PUTTING YOUR FOOT DOWN that you

"WILL NOT LET YOUR GOVERNMENT TAKE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AND LET YOUR GOOD FRIENDS DIE!" So please, tell American government they DO NOT get to let me die. THE PEOPLE DO. So I'm begging the people. My favorite hobby is video games and good samaritan work, but I dont do much of those things any more, because I can barely breath. SOMEONE TELL THE USA GOVERNMENT THAT THEIR OPINIONS OF ME DON'T MATTER, and that their people WONT TOLERATE them letting me die.

EVERYONE who knows me personally, knows how loving and sick I am. (AND MACHO.) I never would petition this, if it did NOT mean, I would MORE THNA LIKELY quickly die, if I dont get help. Living WITHOUT the help is such suffering, is that any better?

Help take away Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey's suffering. Tell your government they do not get to let him die.

Tell American Government that the people make the choices, and NOT them ALL alone. Tell them YOU DON'T WANT them to LET Luke die, (THEY ARE DOING THAT!) and that's WHAT MATTERS. Because if a miracle OR some kind of intervention by POWERFUL PEOPLE is not done SOON, Luke may not have much longer. The worst part is, surviving like this is so much worse than death. I am in horrible terrible suffering. They won't let me stop suffering. I don't want to die, and I don't want to suffer.... They keep letting it happen.

Tell the American Government that the people do not like them letting those who are legitimately in need of help, to suffer. Tell them. If enough of you don't, they will continue to let me suffer to DEATH. I cannot combat this forever. I am so afraid.... I REFUSE to go to a street corner and beg for money for my meds. And the amount of time I can walk and talk is too limited to provide for myself. I'm ashamed, but more terrified than ashamed now, so I am too afraid not to ask for help. I will not beg on street corners for other people's hard earned pocket cash. But I will ask for help from a system MADE TO HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT.


((NOTE TO THOSE WHO KNEW HIM: I wanted this done more formal. I was hoping not to start this petition MYSELF, I'm too emotional about this. I may say something the wrong way AND because someone else advocating for me, would allow others to know it's "multiple accounts verified truth." Doing this myself makes me scared. But I keep fighting that fear, it's why I'm still alive... Please help me fight. All you have to do is click something, and you are literally helping save my life.))

There is an UNKNOWN injustice being done in America that is allowing someone to suffer horribly. Suffer terribly. That person cannot take the suffering and suffocation much longer, so this petition is made in hopes to save someone's LIFE.

The American Government made the decision MANY years ago, that because of my age, I was to hit the ground running, or die. I couldn't RUN so I have been being ignored by our government since then. I am in the worst suffering sometimes that anyone can possibly imagine, and they are LETTING it happen.

My name is Jeddidiah Luke Crowsey. I wanted to surpass this problem and pretend it never happened, so the public would never know, I wanted the mentality of some kind of SUPER MACHO MAN. (Because I Wanted to be.)

But now I realize my public image doesn't matter ENOUGH. I am suffering so bad I can't believe I'm alive. I have more health limitations than I'll list here, but the government is letting someone NOT GET DISABILITY HELP who has:

"""Important note, I was in HORRIBLE health BEFORE my referral department started taking A MONTH OR MORE about a year ago... but the last year of slow referrals has waged PAINFUL CHAOS on my body. I went from SUFFERING to EXTREME FEAR OF DIEING and too slowly seeing doctors except emergency rooms. This last year is a "new development." I was regularly seeing doctors monthly (6 to 8 different ones ALL once a month. So, example: In January 8 Dr visits, February 8 doctor visits AND ER visits, March 8 doctor visits.... etc. For YEARS) I was not getting better when I COULD see them. I was only getting worse. But NOT SEEING THEM fast enough made me worse FASTER."""

-DOCUMENTED evidence of DEADLY asthma. (Different government doctors are used in court over and over to find SOME means of explaining that the "% you can breath, is TECHNICALLY too high to be disabled." Knowing full well I had the tests done AFTER being OVER medicated JUST to be able to GET to the doctors office to have those tests done.

-DOCUMENTED evidence of severe panic attack disorder
-Can barely BREATH
- INSOMNIA (IF YOU ARE A PERSON WHO VALUES YOUR SLEEP, TRY TO IMAGINE LITERALLY OFTEN NOT BEING ABLE TO WITHOUT MEDICINE!!!! Then try to picture your spouse leaving you JUST after you get out of the ICU, and having no family. Without the ability to work, you CANNOT EVEN GET that medicine.)


-Simulated Heart attacks

'What's MORE fun than dieing of a heart attack!? One get to live through, OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!!!!' Unless you are a person who LITERALLY AGREES TO THAT, I need you to sign this petition to stop letting your government ignore my exponential suffering.

If you don't know that you can DIE from 'out of control asthma,' let me say this: My couple of doctors for BREATHING, (I have many doctors, multiple are JUST for breathing, that's how sick I am. I HAVE doctorS for other problems.) my breathing doctors agree that they do not know how I am going to keep living at all LET ALONE without suffering, if a REAL change is not made. A change I don't have the power to make happen.

I was too scared to write this long ago. There's a GREAT chance that even if I win my case, I will still die a terrible death, for no reason other than BEING DENIED this help in time. NOT giving in and trying to do this alone for so long has made me worse and in extreme suffering OFTEN. JEDDIDIAH LUKE CROWSEY IS A HUMAN BEING AND HE'S THAT FAR GONE, and YOUR government KNOWS it, and they are LETTING IT HAPPEN.

That IS NOT OKAY. PLEASE, not only to take away my SUFFERING, but in hopes that one day I'LL "LIVE" and not just "SURVIVE" I need ALL of EVERYONE in the WHOLE USA to tell your government, THEY DON'T HAVE YOUR PERMISSION TO CONTINUE LETTING ME DIE THIS WAY! SO if they CONTINUE TO DO IT, they are DICTATING this country, and NOT representing or serving it.

One day I was hoping to become famous (at least publicly known), and never let the world know how weak and afraid I was as a child. Look strong and admirable. (I was born with asthma, and developed Childhood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at only 9.) But now, if I don't beg the public I wanted to BE SUPER MACHO to for help getting the government to NOT deny me, I AM going to die. I'm so scared, please help save me life. By just clicking. Please. It seems so simple that it couldn't be that important, but I AM HUMBLING MY SELF TO YOU AMERICA. I AM TOO WEAK AND SICK TO BE MACHO ANY MORE. I am so scared America. It's SO hard to operate or breath. I'm SO scared. So I'll never be the super cool guy in public anymore. Fine. I can live in shame admitting I'm not Superman, admitting I NEED HELP. I just want to LIVE. You can all think I'm a weak loser, I just want to stop suffocating, and falling down.

So if you love people. If the idea of LETTING someone YOU KNOW IS suffering suffer, is WRONG or SICK to you... If you want your Government to know YOU own this country, and that they are only supposed to REPRESENT US, then SIGN this petition. Tell your government that they DO NOT, at least, have YOUR permission to keep letting me suffer.

To be clear, I am specifically referring to SS. My local COUNTY has done a SUPER HERO like job of keeping me alive. Had they not, I WOULD HAVE DIED SEVERAL TERRIFYING FLARE UPS AGO. My limitations do not stop at the EVERY DAY and LITERALLY EVERY SECOND suffering. There are 'attacks' from my illnesses where they 'BLITZ' out of control. This happens OFTEN and is DEADLY. Yeah I feel manly about standing up to it, but I'm also too often in terror. This county's rules on health-help change once in a while. I still HAVE to provide for myself, and.... America...... I'm destroying my public image by revealing to everyone how ill I am. I know I'll never be cool again, but I can't ignore the pain, suffocation, and fear of death. I want to, I can't. But please don't let me suffer and die for it.

For all I know, my government will attack me for telling on them. SLANDER me and make up stuff. MAYBE WORSE. I'm afraid of causing this splash, because I'm too weak. They are keeping me in fear. Don't let them do that. DO NOT let them continue to have power to let others suffer, because they think the masses WON'T KNOW ABOUT IT. Tell EVERYONE. Tell people WHO DON'T CARE. TELL "EVERYONE" Make it known, I am going to suffer and die without help. It''s the only chance I have left.... It's the only reason I finally broke down and told the public how ill I REALLY am. I will have shame for this my whole life now. But please HELP me make it a LONG LIFE.

THEY WILL TRY after I take this step, to DISPROVE me. So they don't have to look bad. I'm sure. To keep looking good, AND keep not having to help me. No matter what anyone says about me in the future, just know it's the governments last try to LET me die, instead of give me the help. So no matter what happens or what's said, stay vigil. Stay strong with me, and TELL THEM they DO NOT HAVE OUR PERMISSION TO KEEP LETTING ME SUFFER.

You can literally be a hero today. And all you have to do is click. Tell everyone. Tell them all to click. Tell them all not to let the government get away with knowing and allowing suffering to this degree.

-I cant afford Oxygen tanks I was told I need to be on.
-I'm refused county transportation (which IS FOR getting people like me to doctors) because if you do not eventually win your case, they stop picking you up. I was at one time being picked up by the Tampa Sunshine Line. But I was continued to be denied, and they don't support you after.
-Have to only get meds that are covered by this county. Doctors have been telling me that part of why I went from disabled to TERRIFIED OF DEATH is because I cannot get the meds they WANT me on.
-A 70-SOMETHING year old man has to walk to get my meds for me sometimes. I can walk around some days with ENOUGH medicine (EVEN WITH THE MEDS, ONLY SOME TIMES!!!), but doing much more than that, or for very long, puts me back in this state.

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