Oceanside City Council
United States of America

We need to preserve the Loma Alta Creek area and protect it from excessive noise and pollution. Waste Management Inc. (WMI) already has truck services and equipment delivery and offloading at their site next to the creek.

WMI has proposed to expand it to a 24-hour Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) pumping station. The existing operation is already too loud and disturbs the endangered Gnatcatcher habitat and the sensitive Loma Alta Creek area.

It also affects the sleep, health, and quiet enjoyment of residents and negatively impacts home property values, too. With the added, constant operation of massive CNG compressors, the noise will be unbearable!

The hearing is scheduled for March 27th at 5pm at Oceanside City Council, 92054.

I ask the City Council to deny the CNG 24-hour fuel station proposed by Waste Management, Inc.. The compressors will create ongoing and unacceptable disruption of nearby homes.

It will also impact the wildlife corridor, negatively affect endangered Gnatcatcher habitat (specified in the legally recognized Sub-Area Plan) and is not compatible with surrounding residential areas.

The existing Waste Management, Inc. operation is already extremely noisy and interferes with the sleep, health and quiet enjoyment of resident-taxpayers. It also negatively harms property values. Say "NO" to this project and direct Waste Management, Inc. to locate it elsewhere.

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