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320 East Friendly Avenue Greensboro NC has become a landmark for veterans needing assistance with compensation, health, housing, food and much m0re. Disable Veterans volunteer their time assisting others in need. Giving back to the community what has been given and has helped them.

The location is in danger of being closed because of the lease not being renewed, and the facility being turn into a storage area. Where are the veterans to go? Why take something that is bringing almost a million dollars of revenue into the Greensboro community? Why take away something that has helped over two thousand veterans in less than two years by changing their lives one veteran at a time? Accessibility to the facility, care of the each veteran with patience and knowledge, and comradery of service members needs to be sustained and preserved.

Please help us save what is beneficial not just for those we help, but for those with PTSD who what society say are not able to work with what they call "normal". Volunteering to help their comrades brings them joy and keeps them grounded.

We the undersigned, call on the Guilford County Greensboro NC to eliminate the take over the 320 East Friendly Avenue Greensboro NC 27401 for a storage facility and let it remain a Veteran Service Organization that mission is to help veterans in dire need of assistance.

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