Lincolnshire County Council
United Kingdom

On 6th September 2011, the executive of Lincolnshire County Council will meet to sign off a policy that will encourage ALL schools in the county to become academies with a private organisation, CFBT, as sponsor. Save Lincolnshire Schools strongly opposes this move for the following reasons,

a) it removes schools from the ownership and accountability of local communities. Locally elected politicians will no longer have responsibility for schools. Any difficulties parents have with their child's education will be dealt with by Whitehall, not the local authority.

b) CfBT already run the Schools Improvement Service on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council. The head of CfBT in Lincolnshire, Andy Breckon, is also a council officer. Save Lincolnshire Schools consider this to be a direct conflict of interest.

c) Lincolnshire County Council have no plans for a county wide consultation with schools or parents. This policy, if implemented, will privatise the entire education system in Lincolnshire with no regard to the wishes and views of parents, children, or teachers.

We call on Lincolnshire County Council to implement a full and proper consultation within the county about the academies programme and the future of education in Lincolnshire. We believe that only through an informed, open and public debate can a way forward be found that meets the educational needs of children in the county.

We, the undersigned, oppose Lincolnshire County Council's attempt to encourage all schools to become academies through CfBT.

We call on the County Council to offer a full and proper public debate and consultation with the Lincolnshire community about the shape of future education policy in the county.

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