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The State Parks Commission is required to reduce its budget by 23 million dollars in the coming year, resulting in the identification of 30 parks on a list for possible closure, including Lake Wenatchee State Park (LWSP) This park should NOT be considered for closure.

 LWSP is a year round “destination” park just 1½ hours from the Puget Sound Basin offering a breadth of services (horse back riding, camping, outdoor theatre, education, hiking, swimming, XC skiing, sledding and more) which is unmatched by any other park in the state.

 Annually, LWSP hosts 355,000 to 447,000 visitors seeking “affordable” year-round activities not available in the Puget Sound area, within an affordable driving distance.

 The Park Commission considers LWSP such a gem (“a park of statewide significance”) that the background logo on our state license plates features it. Yet LWSP finds itself on the chopping block, while other obscure parks, which generate no revenue, are not on the list for closure?

 Quality of service to the public aside, on a shear budgetary basis, LWSP is among the very top revenue producers because of its value to the public. Closure would not only deny the public such a service, it would severely impact the economy of the local community. Convenient stores, restaurants, gas stops, and the like, would all be impacted, meaning a reduction in revenue to the state and ultimately the tax payers that could exceed the projected savings, making the closure of this particular park tragic and foolish.

 LWSP (due to previous lakefront purchases by private parties) is currently the ONLY public access to a 5 mile long glacier fed lake by boaters and beach access for the public. (to 12,000+’ of shoreline.)

Time is of the essence. April 26, 2009 – (Tentative) is the day the final budget is scheduled to be adopted by the Legislature for signing by the Governor. Please help save this important park from a hasty decision by signing the below petition and/or requesting a copy of it so you may collect the signatures of others who recognize the folly of closing this park.

Thank you,
Friends of Lake Wenatchee State Park.

To: Gov. Chris Gregoire and State Representatives
CC: Parks Dept, pao@parks.wa.gov.
Dear Gov. Chris Gregoire and State Representatives,

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to vote “NO” in closing Lake Wenatchee State Park. Vote “NO” to destroying our local economy. Vote “NO” to creating new deficits in Wa. State.

Please join the millions to help preserve Lake Wenatchee State Park for the present and future generations!

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