Kingswood Regional High School Athletic Department
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I recently learned my soccer coach was fired! I don't know the reason why but as a player who was coached by Sean Palumbo these past 2 seasons, I can attest to his dedication to our soccer team and his love for this sport.

Sean pushed our team to become the best players we could possibly be. Both seasons I played for coach Palumbo, Kingswood Regional High School JV Soccer made it to the tournament and placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. His passion for teaching is evident through his lessons during practice and our pep talks during intense games. He has taught us to learn from our mistakes, how to grow as players, and never give up!

Sean deserves to continue his dream and passion for coaching JV soccer. I know he is a huge asset to our program and wants to better all those students he meets on and off the field.

Please reinstate Sean Palumbo. I am not giving up on my coach and neither should KRHS Athletic Department!

We, the athletes, students and parents of the players of KRHS JV soccer team ask the KRHS Athletic Department to reinstate coach Palumbo.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

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