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International House was threatened with demolition.

The latest is - we have won our campaign and International House is going to be refurbished! Let us keep Lambeth to their promise!


Previously Lambeth were threatening International House with demolition.


The tower is a landmark in Brixton and is an integral part of the masterplan designed by George Finch including the listed Brixton Recreation Centre. The Brixton Rec was threatened with demolition by Lambeth Council but was saved through a public outcry and listing in 2016 following a considered application by DocoMomo.



Unfortunately, International House was irrationally excluded from the listing, leaving it vulnerable to redevelopment. International House currently is a well-loved building, occupied by 3Space and a flourishing photographic shop and gallery.


Let us save this elegant tower from demolition by Lambeth Council! It makes no sense to demolish such an excellent building to make the council money, releasing so much carbon, during a climate emergency. Let Brixton community stay in charge of this wonderful tower. Redevelopment is the solution of the past. Sensitive retrofit is the way of the future! Sign the petition!

We, the undersigned oppose Lambeth Council's short sited plans to demolish and redevelop International House.

Please note if you are a resident of Lambeth and Brixton.

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