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The property located at 6829 Summerfield Rd. Temperance Michigan should be considered as a historical site. The property will be going up for sale and is at great risk of being torn down if we do not step in and urge the township to get involved with it’s preservation.

The Ina Duley Ogdon cabin, “deserving of preservation, was built on an old Indian trail now called Summerfield Road in Lambertville. Constructed about 1830 for Charles and Charlotte Phelps, it was remodeled in the 1860’s as their family grew.

Around 1920 hymnist, Ina Duley Ogdon and her husband purchased the cabin from Stephen Phelps as a summer cottage, but later decided to move here permanently. In 1930 a second cabin, owned by Henry Beck and built in 1865, was purchased. It logs were numbered, dismantled and moved from Ottawa Lake by Charles Friedly and Fred Hasen. Reconstructed as a wing of this lovely country home, the rustic log cabin portion was purposely left exposed.

Ina enjoyed the peaceful country living with its outdoor ponds and gardens, and her antique filled home. It was in an upper bedroom of this home that Ina Duley Ogdon penned a verse to cheer her ailing father. “Brighten the Corner Where you are” was sold (for $3.00) to the music director of Evangelist Billy Sunday, who set it to music and helped make it the most popular hymn of all times.

Ina would go on to write over 3,000 verses and two books in her lifetime. “
By Trudy Wieske Urbani (Town Historian)

Help us save the Ina Duley Ogdon Cabin at 6829 Summerfield. (She wrote "Brighten The Corner Where You Are") This could be our first Bedford Area Historical Museum.

We, the undersigned, call on Bedford Township officials to actively work on obtaining the grants necessary to purchase, restore and operate this historic property.

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