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Bangladesh Foreign Ministry

Bangladeshi immigrants workers started coming to Malaysia from 1986. There are so many govt to govt agreements to bring workers from Bangladesh. We all Bangladeshi can happily said that, there is a big contribution from Bangladeshi workers in today's Malaysia's development.
You can find footprint of Bangladeshi workers in every building, office, markets, roads, airports basically every place of Malaysia. They are giving their hard time to earn a little amount of money with the exchange of their life most strong time. Malaysia can't deny our contribution towards their development.
But in return what these immigrants workers are getting?
Their bad luck start from their own home country, It starts from very first preparation of doing passport to go abroad. Bangladeshi Passport office is full of brokers & for the police verification it's become an unwritten rules to pay the police guy for their home address & background verification. ( In the mean time so many Rohingya already got Bangladeshi Passport).
Then come to get visa from Manpower office until boarding on the plane, they always just get cheated in many ways. By taking loan with high interest, selling the last piece of land of their grandfather/fathers they come to Malaysia with lots of hope & dream. Once they reached in Malaysia airport, they have to face another cheating drama. Different line, different behavior, different immigration rules for these ill fated Bangladeshi immigrants people. Most of them totally illiterate & don't know how to communicate in proper Bangla as well & think what about English!
The green passport holders become the most bad treated immigrants in Malaysia.
Some of the people need to return back even with the valid visa now a days! how ridiculous this mentality.

Now coming to the main part- if they managed get in the Malaysia, the first they heard is what they already knew about their contract is totally different what their Employer say then.
The visa renewal, working hours, foods, accommodation, medical, transport everything was total lie.
With the pressure of huge loan with high interest they need to work more & more. They used to work here 14-18 hrs a day also to repay back the money.
Once they manage to adjust here to live with hard work & long hrs with below average food & accommodation. The see the year is going to end, need to renew visa & the Employer asked them to pay or asked them to leave. Very simple calculation only come to their mind, become illegal & earn some money to pay loan & contribute to his family livings.
Once they become illegal, then need to pay to Police if they caught. Sometimes it go to harassment, physical & mental torture to give money to police. No Malaysian people can't say they never take bribe from those immigrants, no one !
The illegals workers are easy to hire with low salary & maximum working hours! Double profit!
Now government showing the local people they already took ur job & positions . We will give those to you.
Please sir/madam, don't say like this. They never took anyone positions here. They are bound to work hard to live, feed their family . they are just doing all these thing to live in this cruel beautiful world.

Once they save some money to become legal here again, there is another drama wait for them, so many agents, broker here to make ur visa done. But for the illegal these are the another way to get cheated. some illegals already cheated 2-5 times & they just pay & got cheated. They can't even complaints to police as well bcoz they are illegals. They are feared enough to live as a slave here. There mental health is no more to take those govt offer to become legal with E-card/EMGS/OSG or so many ways.
They need a hope & right guidelines. They need a very simple way to go back home or become legal immigrants, nothing else.

I just want Bangladesh & Malaysia government to listen the illegal immigrants here! To give a real & easy way to go back home or become legal.

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