This petition is for Arianna Huffington at the Huffington Post.

This petition requests that the Huffington Post restore its show, HuffPost Live, to the live content level and variety it had prior to January 8th, 2016 when it became re-runs and clipshows more than a live program.

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On January 8th, 2016, it was announced that the Huffington Post would be scaling back video creations and consolidating its various video departments. When this happened, the excellent, innovative, and groundbreaking platform of HuffPost Live was cut down from hours of live programming to, at best, 1 hour of live programming per day mixed with re-runs of old episodes.

In the sweeping changes, Huffington Post has effectively alienated one of their strongest communities and ruined an amazing platform which connected hosts, celebrity and political guests, adults, children, scientists, Real Housewives, real housewives, activists, writers, and more with audience members in an active worldwide discourse.

In a time when major media outlets are spending their money alienating the left, the right, or the middle, HuffPost Live provided an honest connection for its audience as it created content. The content was alive and ever evolving.

Now, as a result of the changes made on January 8th, 2016, HuffPost Live! is a stagnating pit of re-runs with a community left abandoned as the parent company tries to expand its programming for those with short attention spans.

It is the request of the undersigned that HuffPost Live be restored immediately to its former format of 8 hours of live programming with Alyona Minkovski, Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani, Josh Zepps, Nancy Redd, and Alex Miranda covering world news and politics, entertainment news, new books from great authors, celebrities we love, and all the other amazing things which HuffPost Live encompassed previously!

We want scientists to Tell Us Why, we want our fix because we're Political Junkies, we love a bit of Cocktail Chatter, we were grateful for the Spoiler Alert, our pets fetched us for The Pet Show, we enjoyed when Women Made News, and more than ever we need a Free Speech Zone because we're here wondering W-T-F.

Please restore HuffPost Live to its amazing and innovative format so that the conversation can continue!

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