Howard Chui
United States of America

This petition is to save the ever-declining howard forums. I feel that as of late Howard Forums has been on the decline for the following reasons.

*Unnecessary deleting of threads for VERY minor offenses
*Rules that are too strict for a "free" forum.

By signing this petition you are agreeing that Howard Forums needs to a step in the right direction. Over the past few months it has seen a huge decline because Howard has chosen to make some very drastic, strict changes to the forum. It started with the no bumping threads rule and has continued to the ridiculous censorship and deleting of virtually any thread that has anything that may offend any population. Nevermind the fact that the forum deletes any threads that say anything bad about howard forums. So in turn if Howard, the "president" of howard forums, does not do anything to satisfy the people which have always stuck by and stuck up for howard forums I will no longer contribute to this forums. There simply is not enough attention being paid to where it is needed by the moderators and there is too much attention being paid to the stuff in which we love most, freedom on howardforums.com.

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