Martin Vickers MP
United Kingdom

The Labour controlled Council are determined to close Grimsby Swimming Pool and replace it with a new facility costing in the region of £8m. sounds great so far untill you begin to look deeper into this,

The existing pool, which was built in the 1960's is much loved and well used by the people of Grimsby and Cleethorpes and even wider affield, it is in a superb central location with good access by public transport and is situated on the edge of one of our most deprived areas giving easy access to the people who live there, in many cases within walking distance.

Although now needing some refurbishment to bring it up to modern standards it has been estimated that this work could be achieved for approximately £2.5m giving the pool many more years of active life and saving the council a lot of money in these hard economic times.

Martin is in favour of keeping the existing pool, in it's current location and will do all he can to support the campaign to SAVE THE POOL.

Keep Grimsby Swimming Pool in it's current location and refurbish the existing facility to provide many more years of active use for all its many users.

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