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The Village at Donner Creek HOA
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KOLO News Story:
Neighborhood unites to save Gilby Goose

Gilby is a handsome male Chinese Goose that came to Donner Creek from a lonely life in a backyard to live in paradise with the two lovely Chinese Geese females that have been here at Donner Creek for approximately 12 years.

The females here have been very welcoming to him and they spend their days together swimming, eating grass, sunning and napping. He has brought much happiness to them with his sweet personality.

Since Gilby was not born here, the HOA graciously had agreed to let me present a survey of Donner Creek residents feel about the goose and report back to the board on August 15th meeting. At that meeting the HOA Board is requesting ALL three geese be removed and a legal opinion be obtained. The other two female geese have been here 22 years. None of the agencies city, state, federal have any interest in removing the geese. How could it be illegal if they have lived here for over two decades?

Please help and SAVE GILBY GOOSE!

I want Gilby Goose to stay!



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