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Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a national historic landmark that belongs to the City of Boston and its citizens. It is private property — our private property — and it is soon to be destroyed.

The marketplace leases three of the four buildings — North Market, South Market, and Quincy Market — to Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, a New York real estate company.

Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation is a threat to our city and is withholding information about the future of Faneuil Hall Marketplace. As Ashkenazy Corporation embarks on an ambitious overhaul we’d like prove the support of the City of Boston, and attempt to stop demolition plans and take stock of the potential value of keeping the building.

There are changes set to take place that will destroy many qualities that are important to the buildings' historic character. Performers have announced they will be on strike in response to new regulations at the venue. Their main concerns include noise regulations banning amplifiers above 80 decibels—which some acts use to be heard by large crowds—and the switch from four-strike to two-strike disciplinary guidelines. A list of the new regulations show that Ashkenazy could also dictate show lengths, performance times and locations, and whether or not performers may cancel a show.

Many vendors were alarmed when they did not see a place for their pushcarts or food counters in Ashkenazy’s proposal. Several of the longstanding retailers and pushcart vendors have been concerned with evictions and being replaced with national and international companies. Those fears were realized when Ashkenazy sent out a first round of eviction notices in November 2014. Many other of the food and pushcart vendors have reason to believe that their license agreements and leases might not be renewed after the redesign.

Ashkenazy’s general property manager, Kristen Keefe, said elevators and staircases will replace the food stalls where the businesses that received eviction notices once were.

The eviction letters have many merchants up in arms. One owner who has been operating in Quincy Market for 30 years, said he has never been late on rent or had any problems with management, yet, was served an eviction notice. Some vendors worry that once renovations are complete, Ashkenazy will push them out by raising rent.

Our goal is to keep this historic national landmark from turning into a shopping mall. Faneuil Hall belongs to the citizens of Boston. Current vendors are small, unique, and local. They are Boston. Don’t let corporate greed destroy our city’s most valuable asset.

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We, the undersigned, call on Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation to scrap any plans for Faneuil Hall Marketplace that will destroy qualities that are important to the buildings' historic character.

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