We will send the completed petition to Build Toronto and other Government Officials


The Land Eva's is built on has been recognized as surplus and relocation plans are underway. It will cost a lot of money to rebuild the shelter and I am asking all friends of Eva's Phoenix if they are willing to offer support by emailing the mayor and city officials as well as coming to the Government Management committee meeting on Wed November 9th at 930am. You can simply show up to offer support or you can sign up to speak and depute by emailing your name and address to gmc@toronto.ca.

This issue will then go to council in the THIRD WEEK OF NOVEMBER. Stopping the relocation is not an option but working together to make sure we are provided with a suitable location and enough money to rebuild is an option!!!


Eva's Phoenix is a transitional housing and training facility, run by Eva's Initiatives which formally opened in June 2000. Eva's Phoenix provides housing for 50 youth, aged 16 to 24 years, for up to a full year, and since 2002 has also allowed up to 160 youth each year, aged 16 to 29 years, to participate in its employment and pre-apprenticeship programs.

Working with business, labour and community partners, Eva's Phoenix provides homeless and at-risk youth with the opportunities needed to develop life skills, build careers and live independently.

Youth at Eva's Phoenix live in shared townhouse-style units with access to common areas. While at Eva's Phoenix, youth develop the skills to live independently through goal setting exercises, workshops and hands-on programs that are delivered in a supportive environment.

In combination with a Mentorship Program, youth are able to build stable support networks outside of the social service system. Peer Mentors and One-to-One Mentors provide a range of support to youth including running cooking classes, conducting leadership development activities and supporting the efforts of youth to successfully manage independent living.

Youth living at Eva's Phoenix must be involved in a training or employment program. While the youth learn work skills, Eva's Phoenix staff provides counselling, job placement assistance, housing search support, mentorship opportunities, follow-up support and a range of other services to help youth achieve and maintain self-sufficiency.

We are asking Build Toronto and the City of Toronto to relocate Eva's Phoenix somewhere in the downtown core since the land it is built on right now has been recognized as surplus. This petition will be sent to Build Toronto, Mayor Ford and other government officials so they understand how important Eva's Phoenix is. It changes lives and losing it would be detrimental to our community and society.

Let's all work together to make sure that Eva's Phoenix is able to provide help to many more youth in the years to come!

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