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DSpot known to the youth of Texarkana, Dekalb, New Boston and surrounding areas as a teen club. It is a place where they can go and not have to worry about getting in trouble, violence, nor bad influences. There is absolutely no fighting, no drinking, no smoking, and no hanging out in the parking lot. The teens have a dress code to go by just as schools do. No gang related clothes worn into the club such as bandanas and boys must have shirts on at all times.

It’s a teen club that Ricky Blackwell uses to encourage adolescence to think positive and strive for their goals. He promotes good behavior and positive thinking for ones actions. He shows them that there is more to life itself than hanging out at all times of the night, drinking and doing drugs. He is a positive influence to Texarkana and the youth of today, tomorrow, and the future. Since the club has opened, there has not been any kind of negative activity. No fights have broken out...

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