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DeYulio's Sausage Company is a 3rd generation family business, that survived through the recession only to be put out of business by the City of Stamford evicting us. The City of Stamford took our property via eminent domain and began the eviction process back in 2012.

In December, 2012 we signed a lease to move to a building in Stamford, CT; however, the building needed repairs that the landlord could not do. So the lease was cancelled and we began hunting for new property. We found a building in Bridgeport, CT and began the process of purchasing it in the spring of 2013. In June, 2013 we signed a contract with the City of Stamford that said we would be out by December, 2013, in order to hold off on the eviction process.

The bank we were working with had us jumping through hoop after hoop and strung us along, until the last hour when they denied the loan based on environmental factors on the property.

We immediately went to another bank, and they are going to be loaning us the money for the property. We should be closing on the new facitlity by the end of the year. Then we would need 6-8 weeks for renovations. When we asked the City of Stamford for an extension until March, they were unwilling to give it to us. On Tuesday we asked the courts to give us the extension, and on Thursday, 12/19/13, the judgement came down denying the extension. Friday morning, 12/20/13, we were served with eviction papers to be off the property by this Monday, 12/23/13, @ 8am.

If they evict us we will have to close down because we do not have anywhere to go. Our 20 employees will be laid off & unable to support their families right before the holidays. Our business has been located in Stamford, CT since the early 1900's, when my great-grandparents had a market where they manufactured their own sausage in the back. Then in the 1960's Urban Renewal caused the City of Stamford to take the property they were on via eminent domain, and we were moved to our current location; only to have eminent domain happen a 2nd time.

We are asking for the publics help to pass this along to as many people as you can in the hopes that if we get enough signatures maybe the City of Stamford will change their minds or our local representatives will help us stay in business, and stop the layoff of 20 employees right before the holidays.

We demand that the City of Stamford stop the eviction of DeYulio's Sausage Company, and give them until March to move out and into their new location.

To prevent the closing of DeYulio's Sausage Company and the loss of 20 jobs; at a time when small businesses are already being forced out by large corporations and jobs are already scarce.

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