Minister of Sustainable Resources, Government of ALberta

Birchwood Resources Inc. is planning a substantial oil development within 300 metres of the lakeshore of Crane Lake in Alberta, Canada.

Crane Lake is one of the cleanest bodies of water in Alberta and since it takes over 100 years for the water to replace itself, it is a very vulnerable water source that needs to be protected.

It also is home to a number of full year and summer residents who would be affected b the noise and light pollution of this Stream Assisted Gravity Development plant. Our blue heron and loon populations will also likely be affected.

The undersigned persons, who include residents, recreational users, and other interested parties of Crane Lake in the Municipal District of Bonnyville, in the Province of Alberta, hereby petition the Minister to prohibit Birchwood Resources Inc. from developing their SAGE Thermal Project on SW4 Section 2 Township 64, Range 4 W4M, which is currently zoned as Rural Conservation Land.

The undersigned believe that this development will have substantially negative impacts on quality of life for the residents and recreational users as well as a detrimental effect on the lake habitat itself.

It is our feeling that this project is too close to recreational and residential property and will create light and noise pollution that will significantly affect the lake and its inhabitants/users, not to mention the risk of potential damage to one of the cleanest lakes in Alberta.

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