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Hudson County Freeholders
United States of America

As rioting and vandalism across the nation continues and statues of historical importance have been beheaded and toppled we must come together to demand the County Freeholder's protect Columbus Park and the Columbus statue in it. From George Washington to Union General and later President Ulysses S. Grant, statues of important historical figures have recently been toppled by violent mobs. Statues of abolitionist leaders and even the memorial for Shaw's 54th Massachusetts Regiment, a black regiment in the Union military during the Civil War, have been defaced and vandalized in the effort to erase our shared history.

In light of the recent rioting and attacks on important historical statues across the nation, we the citizens of Hudson County demand the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders protect Columbus Park and the Columbus statue in it (located in Hoboken). Columbus, a source of pride for over a hundred years for Italian Americans, is remembered for opening up the New World for European settlement - shaping the world the we live in today - and should be publicly remember for his impact on the modern world.

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