#Animal Welfare
The People Of Canada

Canada's commercial seal hunt is a hunt like no other. It is a cruel and unethical practice that produces a product nobody needs.

In fact, 98% of the animals killed in the past two years have been seal pups aged about 2 weeks to 3 months. This unmanageable hunt takes place over a vast area, making it impossible to carry out humanely.

But thanks to government subsidies and increased harp seal quotas over the past ten years, the seal hunt is back and worse than ever. The animal cruelty to seal pups as young as two weeks old, whether beaten or shot, is both unnecessary and wasteful. As we do every year, IFAW hunt monitors will gather the information we need to continue educating politicians and the public about the many scientific, economic and moral reasons to end the commercial seal hunt in Canada once and for all.

We, the people of the world, Call upon the Government of Canada to take action against the annual seal hunt and put an end to the madness in which the end result is thousands of dead innocent seals.

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