#City & Town Planning
Bankstown Council & Greater Union Cinemas

BASS HILL Drive-in is one of only two Drive-in's left in Sydney and one of only three left in NSW.

This twin screen cinema is of great Heritage value, being the oldest continuously running Drive-in left in Australia.

Bankstown Council has a current Development Application for housing redevelopment, lodged by Greater Union cinemas, that CLOSES FOR COMMENT on TUESDAY, 6th November, 2007, but the final decision will be made over the next few weeks. (http://www.bankstown.nsw.gov.au/planb/onExhibition/index.cfm)

The National Trust of Australia (NSW) has just voted to add the Bass Hill Drive-in to the National Heritage Trust Register to try and keep the site operational in its current form, but this alone is not enough to prevent the demolition. They need plenty of public support to achieve that.

Generations of Australians have grown up with their local Drive-in and it is still one of the most convenient, exciting, safe and family-friendly entertainment venues left in Sydney and great value at $10.00 per adult for the latest double feature for Greater Union club members.

Where else can you take your own food or buy great hamburgers and snacks on site and bring your blanket and pillow from home to keep comfortable whilst watching the latest flicks under the open sky, relaxing in the comfort of your own car or stretched out on a mattress in the back of your stationwagon or ute?

Getting dressed up is optional - many people recall being taken by their parents in their pajamas to make it easy to get the kids to bed back at home.

There will always be the push for more housing but it is unlikely that they will erect more Drive-in cinemas, so please consider supporting this petition to overturn the decision to close the Bass Hill Drive-in.

We, the undersigned, call on Bankstown City Council and Greater Union cinemas to reconsider the decision to demolish BASS HILL DRIVE-IN to make way for a new housing development.

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