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Save the Baltic Street Community Garden!

Stop the School Construction Authority (SCA) from bulldozing the Baltic Street Community Garden and replacing the century-old school bldg at PS 133 with a new massive building.

Construction for the proposed building at Baltic/Butler & 4th Av (5-story, 115,000 sqft) followed by the demolition of the current schoolhouse (46,000 sqft) will start as early as THIS SUMMER.

What Are the Impacts On Our Community?

Known Facts:
- According to the SCA’s plan, the Baltic Street Community Garden will be demolished. The new building will cover the entire space of the current community garden, school yard, teacher parking, and half of the small children’s play area on Baltic St.

- The Baltic Street Community Garden has been in its current location for 26 years. The garden hosts a variety of trees, food crops, and flowers. See pictures of the garden at http://flatbushgardener.blogspot.com/2008/07/baltic-street-community-garden-park.html

- Concerned residents, parents and gardeners who object to the new school’s plan packed the Public Hearing session at the 78th Precinct. Since that time, no other public hearings have been held.

- Where the schoolhouse stands now will accommodate play areas for 900 students and a smaller community garden (the size will be less than half of the current one).

- The purpose of the plan is to help ease the overcrowding issue in prime Park Slope, which belongs to District 15. PS 133 is a District 13 school (Prospect Hts, Fort Green, Clinton Hill & Bed-Stuy). District 15 includes Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Wind-Terrace, Sunset Park, & Red Hook.

- There has been no posting by SCA at the Brooklyn Community Board 6 website to facilitate the information to the public.

Areas of Concern:
- How will the Baltic Street Community Garden survive?

- Why is the new school in this location? (District 15 includes Sunset Park, Red Hook, etc.)Why does it have to be so big?

- Lack of communication (The SCA has done no outreach for local home owners and tenants)

- Safety and health issues for the current PS133 students and area residents (air pollution and noise during/after construction & demolition, asbestos, lead, buses & cars idling, lack of play areas for children during construction)

- Lack of an environmental impact study for the affected area. How can the quality of our life be protected?

- Traffic, Parking Conflict, Garbage, Rodents will be tripled. Homeowners are also worried about possible building damage or weakening of their houses’ foundations due to the scale of the operation.

For more information, visit Community Board Six’s website: http://www.brooklyncb6.org (Look for upcoming announcements or calendar listings)

The Baltic Street Community Garden is an important asset to the community and city. The garden provides a source of green space, beauty, and food, and is an oasis for local residents and community members.

We, the undersigned, request that the school, community board, and city honor the importance of the Baltic Street Community Garden and refuse to build a new school on the garden site.

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