Order Of Malta Headquarters

The Order of Malta was set up in Balbriggan over 40 years ago, set up to provide first aid cover for the community, to help the sick, elderly, and needy. Since it's establishment it has helped a lot of people and has provided services for balbriggan and surrounding areas in terms of medical cover for events, transportation of the elderly, senior citizens tea parties, etc.

Along with this, there is a cadet unit which has been in existence for at least a decade and which has been growing and improving over the years, which wouldn't have gone ahead without the dedicated teachers; who spend their time turning up to the hall every week, preparing and teaching first aid, home nursing, life skills among many others, and who, despite having other occupations, manage to fit all this into their tight schedule, and the members, who turn up every week enthusiastic and willing to learn new skills. The Balbriggan unit as a whole had a senior and a cadet unit, but up until recently the senior unit has become inactive and without a senior unit, a cadet unit cannot run, and we are trying to fight to keep it running.

We need your help. This is our unit and we can't let it get closed.

Please sign our petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the Order of Malta Headquarters to cooperate with us and keep the Balbriggan unit active.

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