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Ayurvedic Medical Education Program is the only way to carry forward this medical profession to the next generation with practical and academic knowledge of the practitioners of indigenous ayurvedic doctors who have preserved the indigenous tradition for thousands of years. Tacit and the explicit knowledge, experience and competency in diagnosis posses by the indigenous doctors are unbelievable and very rarely discussed within the society. Due to Ayurvedic Medical Education Program, this kind of tacit knowledge held by previous generations can be transferred to the younger generation for the benefits of the every citizen.

In 2018, the current Health Minister under the Yahapalana Govt. together with other ministers decided to discontinue the academic program for Indigenous Ayurvedic Doctors.

The decision to discontinue Ayurvedic Medical Education program is a big loss to the citizens of this country, most of whom depend entirely on the Ayurvedic method of treatment coming down from generation to generation with complete cures by knowledgeable, experienced Ayurvedic Doctors and also gives a chance to the younger generation interested in Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic doctors has to undergo written and oral examinations under 21 subject areas over a 3 year duration period. As no Ayurvedic doctor is given a Govt. appointment, it is not fair and right to discontinue the existing Ayurvedic Medical Program.

Therefore, it is government responsibility to promote rather than destroy the indigenous medical system.

No doubt this decision will be a great misfortune for the next generations to come who can benefit from indigenous medicine.

We the Ayurvedic doctors and the public stand against this injustice and sincerely request your participation for this worthy cause.

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