Aberdeen City Council
United Kingdom

In order to save money, Aberdeen City Council is proposing drastic cuts to education services for children across the city and those with Additional Support Needs (ASN). Specifically, they are proposing to cut Pupil Support Assistants (PSA's) by 50% or possibly even 100% in all primary and secondary schools, and raise class sizes in ASN bases from 7 to 10 pupils.

The last time they cut PSA's was in February 2009, and they promised an impact analysis of that action but have consistently refused to release it to the public.

We, the undersigned, firmly reject these cuts to educational services proposed by Aberdeen City Council. We feel that any reduction in the number of PSA's in the classroom, by any percentage, will have a detrimental effect on our children, their teachers, and the rest of the school population.

Furthermore, we feel it is not prudent to make further cuts without an impact analysis from previous cuts. We also do not accept a move to increase class sizes in ASN bases from 7 to 10 pupils. This, coupled with a reduction in teacher and PSA numbers, will mean our children are left with severely impaired educational support. Many of our children will also be left unsafe and their teachers subject to increased stress.

Children are a vulnerable population because they often cannot speak for themselves, and they need our help now. Please stop this vicious attack on our children by Aberdeen City Council and sign our petition!!

We, the undersigned, call on Aberdeen City Council to vote against making cuts to the number of Pupil Support Assistants in all primary and secondary classrooms and to vote against raising the number of pupils in ASN classrooms or bases from 7 to 10.

We also request that an impact analysis done after the previous round of cuts be released to the public before any new cuts are discussed or voted upon.

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