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ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Commission )

The ABC News Radio program "Starstuff" has been an excellent and only Australian radio source of astronomy and science news and events for the past 8 years on radio and more recently via podcast.

Unfortunately the management of ABC News Radio canceled the show with just two weeks notice at the end of June. This came despite the considerable popularity and support for the show.

ABC news radio axed Star Stuff so the time slot could be used for a topic with less coverage which is, wait for it ....... sport????? Makes no sense.

To add insult to injury the presenter Stuart Gary has been "gagged" by ABC News Radio management from commenting.

Visit the ABC news radio website to download the podcasts of the program and you will see what we are fighting for.


Further actions are to write to the science and communications ministers and to ABC News Radio management.


It appears that all the effort people have been putting in has paid off, at least partly.

Starstuff has a new home and will be in the form of a weekly podcast.


Well done to the ABC for listening and finding a way for Starstuff continue and to have the opportunity to perhaps find it's way back to the airwaves.

While you are here please sign the petition particularly if you want the program to be broadcast on radio in addition to the podcast.


We, the undersigned, call on ABC to continue the weekly broadcast and/or podcast of the program "StarStuff" with the following provisions:

1) Stuart Gary is maintained as the program producer and presenter.

2) The program format remains unchanged.

3) The program length is at least 0.5 hours per week.

This program must be continued because:

1) It is the only Australian radio program covering these topics in depth.

2) The program is a critical educational and informative medium for astronomy and science in Australia and beyond.

3) The ABC has a responsibility to promote science and technology in various mediums.

and most importantly

4) We enjoy listening to Gary and his guests on the program every week.

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