#Civil Rights
Canadians and people of Quebec

Ms. Moya Greene, Canada Post Corporation's most recent President and CEO made some statements at Vancouver Board of Trade meeting.

She spoke of spending billions of dollars to improve the infrastructure at Canada Post, but was silent on what, if any, services at Canada Post would be improved for customers.

Canada Post has been profitable for the last 11 years, posting a profit of $190 million last year and Ms. Greene expects revenue this year of $7.2 billion.

Ms. Greene does not expect to use any of the billions of dollars to expand door-to-door delivery to Saturdays. In fact, she claims that "customers are not asking for Saturday delivery".

As a customer of Canada Post I have never been asked if I wanted Saturday delivery.

Do you want Saturday door-to-door delivery?

Answer YES or NO and the results will be sent to Ms. Greene upon the closing date of this petition.

Customers in Canada and Quebec must have their voices heard.

As a customer of Canada Post Corp. do you want door-to-door delivery to be expanded to Saturday? Please answer "Yes" or "No" in the appropriate field below.

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