Sarasota County School Board and Sarasota High School
United States of America

For years, Sarasota High-school has recognized the top ten percentile of the graduating class. However, over the past couple of years, the administration has chosen to no longer differentiate the top ten percentile with gold robes. This recognition the top ten percentile used to receive, has been a tradition since many of our parents graduated Sarasota High-school, and the upcoming class of 2018 has decided there needs to be a change. We would like for Sarasota High-school to reinstate the gold robes, in honor of those who have achieved their academic goals over the course of their high-school career. Moreover, we believe that the top ten percentile should be recognized in order of rank, not alphabetically, as it represents the position those students worked so hard to achieve. Furthermore, to stay in-tune with tradition, we also ask that Sarasota High-school withholds from removing the white robes that represents females, and making them wear black. Again, this is something that has been done for years, and is tradition. The removal of golden robes, and the distinction between male and female, will mean that the graduation ceremony will no longer have anything that is unique to Sarasota High. In order to make a change, we ask that you sign this petition to keeps things the way they should be. Thank you.

We, the student body, family, and alumni of Sarasota High-school, ask that the golden robes be reinstated, along with order of rank, and that the white robes are kept, in order to uphold the tradition of the graduating ceremony.

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