All Barbadians

It has been brought to our attention that Blood's new song"Wuk You" has been banned from several local radio stations. (To listen to the song and view the lyrics free visit http://play.WukYou.com)

While the authorities responsible for making these decisions at all local stations have denied comment, refused calls, or refused to return calls we have only what comes through other staff members of the stations.

According to local Disc Jockeys, the reason for the ban against the new dance track by local artist and producer, Blood, seems to be that the song was too "suggestive" in a sexual sense.

This is not the case. In actual fact, the song rightfully titled "Wuk You" is really a song about dancing. To "wuk" or to "wukkup" as we understand in colloquial speech refers to the manner in which we as a nation dance, particularly to the music of our local and regional artists. While the words themselves "Wuk You" may be phonetically similar to another, less appropriate phrase, it is not the intention of the artist.

In reality, this Artist is being punished by the authorities' incorrect assumptions and prenotions that all calypsos have sexual connotations. These incorrect assumptions are writing off the hard work and dedication of this local artist.

On top of his dedication to his own Music, Blood has also been responsible for mentoring many upcoming Calypsonians as well as producing their tracks. Blood does all this while continuing to promote and foster a continued interest in Calypso amongst the musical youth of Barbados and his dedication deserves a greater reward than this.

The most controversial fact is that our radio stations seem to have a double standard for our local artist Vs international artist. A popular song which can be heard on all the radio stations in question is one by the International Superstar "Akon" entitled "Smack That". A song about the ways the artist wants to have intercourse "all on the floor" and asks his seductress to "give him some more". How can these blatantly sexual, outright disgusting and totally degrading songs be permitted on our radio stations when the hard work and dedication of our local artists are criticized and banned? This is surely unacceptable!

A website has been setup for you listen to Blood's new song and read the lyrics. You decide for yourself. Visit Http://play.WukYou.com

We, the undersigned, call on all radio stations and networks in Barbados in addition to the National Cultural Foundation (if applicable) to reconsider their position on Blood's new song "Wuk You" and other local productions which may have been banned for similar reasons.

We also remind these stations that they continue to play degrading songs such as "Smack That" and dub songs which explicitly speak of "smoking marijuana" or causing physical harm to "batty men" or homosexuals and we will not endorse such music - particularly when our own local artists are banned from the airwaves for less violent, less suggestive music.

We the undersigned further remind the authorities that our calypso music is one of the few truly "100% Bajan" products produced today. Banning our music directly infringes on our ability to celebrate our cultural phenomenon - Kadooment - without political red tape. Continuing to ban our local artists but allowing other violent and sexual music on our radio waves will reduce national morale, and we the undersigned, are dissatisfied with this double standard.

Finally, we the undersigned have listened to Blood's song, "Wuk You", do not find it offensive, and believe it should be permitted on our radio waves.

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