#Students' Rights
Athletic Department of Saint Mary's School
United States of America

We understand that the faculty implemented this change to benefit the students’ wellbeing, and we are thankful that the faculty are concerned for our health. However, requirements add more stress to students’ lives and take away from time that they need for other commitments. By the time students reach their junior and senior years of high school, most students are very independent and capable of taking care of themselves. By junior year, students are old enough to take responsibility for their physical health and manage their time well.
As students progress through high school, our schedule changes drastically due to our new responsibilities and commitments. Both junior year (11th grade) and senior year (12th grade) bring different commitments and duties. Many of these commitments are paramount to our future and require considerable focus and time.

We, the undersigned students of Saint Mary’s School, respectfully object to the implementation of required fitness activities for upperclassmen students.

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